Secondary Share Board at Crowdcube

(Henry Pedro) #1

Crowdcube have launched a secondary shareboard to buy shares off other crowdcube users as per link below:

Interesting that a load of people wanna buy Revolut shares


Fake orders! Revolut trying to drum up interest for their next round :cold_sweat:

I had a buy order for Mondo shares when they first put the page up last month but it has disappeared.

I’ve traded on some crappy markets before like OFEX before it went under, but OFEX seems like the nasdaq compared to what Crowdcube have squeezed out here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: obvs an alpha prototype, launch before it’s ready and all that, but come on it’s awful!


Your buy order probably disappeared as Monzo are not on the list of companies who’s shares may be traded. There is a long list of firms and Monzo is conspicuous by it’s absence.

(Alex Sherwood) #4

It seems strange that you can’t even offer to buy Monzo shares here (the same link as Pedro’s in the OP but without the confusingly named hyperlink :wink:) -


Crowdcube say:

Why can’t I see some Companies in the list when creating a buy request?

Some of our funded club Companies are not able to support the sale of shares at the present time, these have been removed from the available list.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Here’s where Richard saw that

(Henry Pedro) #7

i see you @alexs

(Henry Pedro) #8

you think?

from what i’ve been hearing, Revolut are slowly sinking

i do agree with the sentiments though, its a bit s***

i wonder if crowdcube will take a cut from shares sold?


in their Secondary Share FAQ they say they are not taking a cut at the moment but imply they may not always be this way so in future who knows

(Fin) #10

Really? I’m surprised by that, I would have assumed the complete opposite - >500k customers, a decent chunk who are paying a fee monthly for the service - plans for international expansion into the biggest world markets? I’m very intrigued - could you elaborate a bit further?

I much prefer Monzo - but as I say, would have thought Revolut were leading currently and making full use of first mover advantage at the moment.

Would be interested to get other people’s thoughts - perhaps who use Revolut more than I do.

(Henry Pedro) #11

I may have my facts wrong but it was mentioned in another thread and with the introduction of the fees. Apologies if this is wrong.

Monzo is where its at imo. though waiting for the launch of the current account is like waiting for paint to dry… lol


I think it’s interesting that Crowdcube aren’t on the list of companies that support this.

(Joe Billings) #13

I was reminded of them by this very thread and then noticed they do free international bank transfers, something I’d been trying to do this morning.

I just had to verify my old account with a picture of my driving license and my face to get started. This took a couple of minutes at most. I was then able to add money from my Monzo card and transferred the money right away.

The whole process was completely painless – the exact opposite of Santander! Until I get my Monzo current account, I’ll continue to use them.