Crowdcube company latest share prices

So I now have shares in a few companies via Crowdcube and trying to work out the best way to understand my current portfolio value.

Now I know at present they are only worth as much as someone is prepared to pay. But as an example we know Monzo are now estimated around £13 per share.

So where is the best resource to understand the share price of other companies not yet listed?

One example is Money Dashboard. Any ideas?

Money Dashboard just completed a raise at 6p per share.

Which others would you like to know. I have some shares in a few of the Fintechs.


Thanks for that. My other companies are:
Boulder Hut
White Car
Recycling Technologies
Driven Women
Lightly Technologies
Glovebox Direct

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Coconut is the only one I know!

You should be able to find the info out on the Crowdcube company info page for all of the companies that raised via that method.

Coconut I paid £1 per share. So their later raise was for a lot less?

Edit: I didn’t pay £1 per share. I wrote my number of shares wrong :rofl:

Haha you just had me searching my notes - I thought this was their first round!

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So if a company does a private share round (like Monzo just have) where would that information be found?

Companies House would be a good place to look next.

Search for the company in question then go to filing history.

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Coconuts latest round was £0.0154

Hi. If you download the share certificate (within the app or website) for each one you’ll know how many shares you have and you know what price you paid.

I keep a spreadsheet (happy to share it with you) which tracks price paid, current price, my sentiment towards it ever exiting (brutal honesty required) and return on investment.

A couple of mine are in the middle of exiting at the moment, will be interesting to see where the price ends up.

Yeah I have the same. Coconut I had just put the wrong amount down. What I’m trying to find is the current prices.

The only price you can realistically use is last crowdfund price unless their discussion boards mention other new raises.