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So in the latest round, both I and my wife invested successfully. We got an email from Crowdcube to claim the account. Initially the issue was that my account was showing 2 transactions but the share certificate only showed the number of shares from my investment.

Then it changed to show nothing - so now both crowdcube accounts are showing 0 transactions… it’s basically gone into a black hole it seems.

Crowdcube support has been so poor its unbelievable, time after time promised call backs. I once got told that it was being looked into by I.T but since then haven’t heard anything.

Any suggestions? - Im sure Monzo would have a ‘account’ or a point of contact internally with Crowdcube who could look into this.


I have sent 3 messages to Monzo now ref zero correspondence regarding the Monzo shares purchased. A very poor service from the crowdfunding/share purchasing section.
Monzo, kindly let me know what the heck is going on

Have you tried to speak to Crowdcube? They are handling the administration?

Were you definitely successful?

I echo what @michaelw90 said.

Also because there are some people who have had theirs returned. This is because they didn’t meet the critera and had either tried to circumvent them or did so unknowingly. EG. Not being a resident in the UK.

Yep, as above. Nothing to do with Monzo at this point, but you should have had an email from Crowdcube prompting you to setup/nominate an account in their system and assign the shares to it. Monzo’s involvement ended when they passed the purchase data over to Crowdcube (although I think there was a single follow-up ‘thanks’ email from Monzo a week or two after)

Crowdcube actually hold the shares so all dealings need to be had with them.

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Thanks for your help fellow investors;
and yes Michael, successful! Beneficial shares are now showing in my Crowdcube account

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Congratulations and welcome aboard. If you message @cookywook he’ll sort out your forum rocketship.

Crowdcube seems to be a bit wonkier than usual at the moment. I get told a payment is going to be captured in 24 hours - that was 2 days ago now and it’s still not been taken :woman_shrugging:

I really wish going direct through CC was as easy as the Monzo crowdfunding :upside_down_face:

Is that for Coconut? Mines only just been taken for that despite being originally supposed to be taken before Christmas.

Seedrs is a way better model. Enter what you want to pay and it asks if you’d prefer to round down or up to get a one more full share (more or less) and you get the share price straight away.

Nah wasn’t Coconut, but yeah Seedrs sounds loads better.

From what I read Crowdcube still doesn’t generate any profit and its’ latest additional charge has upset a lot of its regulars. Especially considering it now charges:

• Money paid in
• A percentage of money raised
• The stealth tax by not rounding down or up investment to nearest share price.

I hope we start to see a shift of companies over to Seedrs.

Not heard anything from CrowdCube either yet regarding my investment. Where should I contact them?

From the bottom of my email:

If you have any questions, please contact

Best wishes,

The Crowdcube Team

Thanks I got it sorted now