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(Jonathon) #1

For now as we don’t have custom categories I’ve been “tagging” my transactions with notes so I can vaguely keep an idea on how much I’m spending on average on lunches.

But when I search “Lunch” for example the search brings up all those I’ve tagged as lunch, bu then also some transactions that aren’t tagged or have no reason to be brought up for lunch.

I have a lot of transactions from Into London (it’s just coffee) but why would this ONE transaction show up in my lunch search?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Have you checked the merchant’s page to see whether it mentions ‘lunch’?

(Jonathon) #3

It doesn’t. I did think that but then also why would only one of the transactions (which are all identical in price etc) show up in this search?

(Alex Sherwood) #4

In that case I’m not sure :grimacing:

This is another reason why I’m a fan of using emoji as tags though (it also ensures that misspellings / upper & lower case variations, don’t cause any issues for the search).

(Tristan Thomas) #5

That’s us trying to be clever :slight_smile: Transactions that are categorised as “Eating Out” and are made at lunchtime, come up under Lunch. But that does seem annoying if you’re using the notes feature too to categorise :thinking:

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(Jonathon) #6

Ah that’s clever, I didn’t know that.

Problem is that the categories are so broad that I don’t want my coffee to come up as lunch. I drink coffee all day.

It also screws with my average lunch cost if it has sporadic £1.60 items in it.

But I do think that the idea of tagging based on time is brilliant!


You can use emojis in the notes. :fork_knife_plate:


I was going to comment that, until I saw this! I thought this would be the sort of thing Mondo would do.

(Jonathon) #9

Playing around with the search function I’m very impressed. I’ve been tagging things with / to categorise further eg:

Pho - Dinner
McDonalds - Dinner / Fast food

That way if I search “Dinner” they both come up but if I search “Fast food” only McDonalds comes up. I can then use the other search functions once I’ve been using it for a while to narrow down eg:

“Lunch” will show my average over all time, but if I start cooking my own food generally I can then search “This month” “Lunch” to see if my average cost has come down.

BTW the capitalisation doesn’t matter - lunch and Lunch are searched the same.

The only thing that’s messing this up is the inclusion of things I haven’t tagged (based on the time I bought the item). If I could get rid of that it would be a perfect system.

(Jonathon) #10

I know you can use emoji’s but then I’m limited to what they are - I would prefer to tag using words that are specific to my personal uses/needs.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

That’s good to know. The case is worth bearing in mind on the off chance that you do CSV exports too, for more detailed reviews…

(Jonathon) #12

I am a stickler for consistency so I wouldn’t have this issue but that’s very true.

I just want a quick and easy way to see how much I’m spending on lunches, dinners, coffee, and alcohol for the most part and 99% of Mondo works for that - that pesky timing issue aside.

But later when budgeting is in it would be useful for things like beauty products, healthcare costs etc so I can see how much on average I spend a month on them (shower gel, toothpaste etc). Then I can have a really super accurate idea of a budget for those little items month to month.

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(Jonathon) #13

Oh I just checked and it DOES matter with capitalisation for other things (coffee) so I guess it’s just those that are tagged by time by Mondo that can be brought up without worrying about capitals.

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(James Smith) #14

Just reported this capatilsiation issue in the big thread for locations specifically