Hide notes on Home Screen

Notes are really handy for grouping things into subcategories etc, but they look pretty ugly on the home screen. Can you add the ability to hide them there for those of us that like a nice clean interface?

It sounds like the problem is not so much the notes being visible in the home screen but the fact that we’re forcing you to use notes to workaround some limitations of the product. Since you’ve mentioned subcategories, would you mind sharing the structure you’re currently using?

Thanks a lot :smile:

I’ve only had my card since the 9th of August, so not a huge number yet but so far: Trains, Beer, Video Games, Haircuts, Burgers, Coffee and Star Wars.

I imagine these are a lot more specific then you would like the subcategories to be, so perhaps a search results total would be the way to go. So if I search for ‘Beer’ (Or the beer emoji I use), I could then see a total spend ofrmonth by month total as I scroll through the transactions?

Well, you can currently do “some” of that. If you search by one of your keywords and then add “this month” or “last month”. It will get you the totals.

The problem remains though, you need more categories that the ones we’re enabling and that’s not good even if we hide notes on the home. So, I’m afraid we’ll need to wait until we can spend some time overhauling the category model to make it a bit more powerful so you don’t need to type them inside the notes field :slight_smile:

This is pretty much how I use it at the moment.

As I said in a previous thread my only issue is where you guys have tried to be helpful so when I search “Lunch” it brings up things I’ve tagged as “Coffee” because I bought them around lunchtime!

Certainty being able to distinguish between Restaurants (which go under Eating Out) and Pubs/Bars (which I currently put under “Entertainment”) would be useful. My actual Entertainment spend is a faction of this but I find it’s the easiest way of distinguishing between these two categories at present (without putting emoticon notes into each transaction.

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