Scripts for Current Account

One thing (as a techie) that keeps bouncing round my head, and seems ideal for Monzo, is this : Simple scripting/actions for the current account.

So, as examples, if I could set up options like

  • When I pay in £[x], immediately transfer [y]% of it to my savings account
  • When I pay in £[x], check my balance, and whatever amount is over £[y] can go to my savings account
  • When I pay in £[x], pay my [z] bill
  • If my account balance drops lower than £[x] and I have a savings/secondary account, transfer £[y] from savings to current

They might not get used by lots of people, I don’t know. But it’d be a cool and new way of doing stuff - particularly for the savings auto-transfer, so you don’t have to remember to do it!


I’m not 100% certain but something similar may be included with Pots when that becomes available.


For the savings and so on, yes, Pots would appear to be similar.

However, it’s about how the money goes to the Pots. If I / “the user” has to manually do it, the odds are they won’t (people in general are flippin’ lazy) So the scripted/automatic transfer of [x]% to Savings Pot (or whatever else, as per earlier examples) would make it an invisible process with no further user-effort.


I suggested something pretty similar a while back:


Given access to an interest bearing account and this feature, I’d be scripting monthly deposits and witdrawals the day before every direct debit :smiley:. A software engineer never completely stops coding…

I used to run my account that way manually years ago before the interest rates fell to irrelevant levels.

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So true :+1:

When mortgages used to be calculated annually, an ex-colleague of mine used to transfer all his mortgage payments into his savings account and then on 31st December it would be transferred to his mortgage account so he got the interest on a year’s worth of payments (when interest rates were good :sunglasses:)… made quite a difference :+1:

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