Scheduling Payments From Pots - Paying via Monzo

The Schedule Payments from Pot function does not work in the case of Scheduled “Pay via Monzo” Payments (made between Monzo users using the quick in-app “Send Money To…” option). This would be useful to implement, as having to set up a bank transfer standing order to someone’s Monzo account is needlessly tedious when a faster option exists, but cannot be set up to be paid out from a Pot.

You can already do this.

Paying standing orders from a pot is possible and does work. If your brother is also a Monzo customer, it likely you are setting up a scheduled and recurring “monzo to monzo” payment instead of a standing order.
Make sure you are adding the payment as a “bank transfer” using account number and sort code, instead of “pay via Monzo”, and this will allow you to set the payment as coming out of a pot.


Hello, and thanks for your reply!

I have set this payment up to him as a bank card, as far as I know (is there a way to check this?), and I am still getting the above error.

If this photo seems to indicate that I’ve done it wrong, could you please advise how I might do it correctly?

Either, your brother has your card details and and can take money from you via his card payment provider whenever he wants, and for however much he wants. Being in full control of when he takes a payment and how much.
Or, you’ve authorised payment via a 3rd party service (such as PayPal) and used your card as the payment method, in which case you’ve paid THEM, who forward the money on to your brother.
Either way, it’s not a “bank transfer”, or a standing order. It’s a card payment, which can’t be set from a pot using your Monzo Bank card.

Standing orders require account number and sort code, and is something YOU set up as the payer. You tell your bank to send £x to person Y, on this date, and also if it’s recurring. This method CAN be set to come from a pot and you are in full control.

Not sure why you want it set up the way you have, unless you have a specific reason for it, especially considering you mentioned that he is also a Monzo customer. Maybe look into switching to a standing order if this is a regular payment you need to make on a fixed schedule.

Forgive me, but I sincerely have no clue about any of what you’re talking about:

There doesn’t appear to be a method for scheduling an easier payment function than SOs between Monzo accounts (if there is, I would much rather do that. When I set up a scheduled payment to My Brother, it acknowledges that he is a Monzo user, and the above error still shows when I try to set the payment to come from the Rent Pot).

There is no 3rd Party that I have knowingly involved in this, I have done it all via Monzo. Is it possible that this weirdness is on his end?

I am so baffled by this, I wouldn’t have thought it is this complicated, yet I have not yet succeeded in doing what should be a very simple thing.

If you could clarify the much easier method that I ought to use, I would welcome and greatly appreciate this explanation. I don’t care about it being an actual Standing Order, that is just what it sets up as if I schedule a recurring payment to him from the “Make a Payment” screen, selected from the list of Monzo users I most frequently send money to.

Press payments. At the top toggle it to “scheduled”

At the bottom will be a big blue button. “Add scheduled payment”

Add his name and account details. Then decide how much and how often.

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I’m aware of how to do this from the main account (I have done it).

I don’t know if you can see my screenshot, but that is the message I get when I attempt to set this scheduled payment to come from a Pot.

Pots don’t appear to have a way to add scheduled payments, as far as I can see, am I missing them somewhere obvious?

Once you’ve done what I said above, go into your scheduled payments, and select it to come from a pot.

No idea what you’re doing or how you’ve done it to get the card message but follow what I’ve said above and it will work.

Ah! Solved, thankyou very much! I’m very sorry for any mental anguish I may have caused.

I was setting up a Scheduled Payment via Monzo, which is what is causing the error message above.

Once I asked him for his account number (which Monzo Pay profiles don’t display for some reason), I could then set up a scheduled bank transfer to his Monzo account (which I now know is a different thing to Monzo Pay, or “Pay via Monzo”).

The fact that one cannot set Scheduled Monzo Pay payments to be made from a Pot is manifestly silly.
I was being mildly ignorant of the distinction, but I also think it shouldn’t be there.