Scheduled transfer to pots need to be customisable

I want to schedule transfer to pots but it only allows me to schedule money that I have in my account

Let’s say I only have £100 in my account today, but next week I know £500 is coming, I cannot schedule that to go straight to a pot. It only lets me select £100

I don’t understand why it has that limitation? What relevance does the money I have in my account today have to the money I want to schedule to transfer in 3 weeks time?


This came up yesterday.

Are you on iOS or Android?


Oh did it? I searched but couldn’t see it. On android (although I’m getting the feeling iOS app tends to be better so might get it installed on my ipad)

I can’t find the thread now :see_no_evil:

In a nutshell… I can do it fine on iOS.

Appreciate that doesn’t help you now - Was it an Android specific issue (to anyone who read the thread)?

Yes I’ve just downloaded it on my ipad and the UI is completely different for pots. I am able to set any amount I like on there, unlike on the android app

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