Problem: can't schedule pots, not enough ££

I want to schedule a deposit in to a pot in the future, I cannot. It stops me creating/automating my budget.

There is not enough money in my balance today. But I know when it is scheduled, there will be. I run a monthly budget. I am trying to set payments. I am blocked.

Permit any payment of any amount to be set. If it fails, fail it, ideally with notification, because that’s when your bank app is really starting to act like a digital assistant!

Is this on Android, as it works ok for me on iOS? :slight_smile:


Have you changed immediately, to the first date you want, and then schedule?


No can do?

Does it not let you edit the amount there? Unless your balance is zero and it doesn’t let you, which would be bizarre.

None of the buttons work.

And yes, balance is zero, as per the problem statement.


Add £1

I have tested it on my android this morning. As long as there is some money in your account, you can schedule transfers to pots for greater than current balance.

Did it via transaction feed, and via pot, successfully.


This works, as a hack.

Scheduled now works.

What do you reckon @Carlo1460? Worth adding to the suggestions pile? Tis a bit buggy isn’t it :wink:

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I’ve raised this indoors and will let you know if/when I get a reply on this :pray:

Would be better to do this from £0.00.