Scheduled Payments - Specify Hour

Currently the only way to ensure a series of scheduled payments works is to put them on entirely different days, which is annoying. One solution would be to allow slightly finer grained timing. I know that it would be hard to allow down to the minute because of the way that the backend software systems work, but it seems feasible that allowing users to specify the hour that they’d like the payment to go out would be possible? Honestly even a six hour window would be ok. Just something better than an entire day.

Note also that if the payment systems need to be taken offline for a few hours then that’s ok as long as the lagged payments are run in order - and given that nothing else in the world outside of Monzo relies on timings like this, then there doesn’t seem to be any risk. Further, if such external factors were a worry (perhaps accounting for some future scenario where another bank was also able to take account of finer grained timings) then it would be simple enough to build this only for internal Monzo payments, so that full control can be kept and error cases eradicated by design.

I thought of this the other day too - only with Starling instead :joy:

I transfer a couple hundred quick to Starling every month to put money in spaces and an ISA. Wish those transfers would only happen after my transfer in from Monzo.

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Yeah, this is a problem that goes waaaaay back. I remember @simon imagining a generalised system that would allow you to detect one payment happening, and then trigger other onward ones, basically programmable money. I think that’s why he make the IFTTT integration in the first place in fact.

But short of such a total-control system, it would be great to have just a little bit of an affordance to allow peope to schedule a series of payments on the same day.

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I was thinking about this as well!
If I know I’m receiving my wage on Monzo for example on the 1st of the month, but I also want a larger sum to go out on the 1st of the month, I want the salary to come in first, before the large payment goes out. I know I can get paid 1 day earlier with Monzo, but I like when I can just set up things in advance and everything works automatically. The salary sometimes comes in at 1am and sometimes at 3am, that’s the same time when the large payment may go out. I would set up the payment to go out in the afternoon so I don’t have to worry at all.

My income has always arrived at 1am.

Without it doing so, my whole scheduled payments would collapse like a deck of cards tbh.