Scheduled payments notifications disappear on open

Hi guys, just a note, I saw a notification that what I think was a scheduled payment was maybe going to cause me a problem due to a top up not yet arriving on my account just yet.

I barely read it, pressed it, it opened the app, there’s nothing to view. Nothing written in to my feed; there’s no notification pop-up.

Felt as though I had maybe not read it correctly. I really wasn’t sure.

I may be disagreed with by others, but a worthy notification like this could do with being more than a fleeting appearance in the android pull down shade.

It depends on your screen size as to whether you would easily read the notification in the first place.

Please could we see useful bits of info like this placed in our monzo feed in the future?


All Monzo notifications on Android are not viewable as only part of the text displays.
If you click on it to read more all it does is disappear and open the app.


I agree too…
On iOS you click, it opens the app and it removes the notification… so you have no clue what it said… it really needs to keep it there until the user clears it manually…

This is possible as it’s how Starling do it…


I think that basically everything that’s a notification couldtie to an actual feed item which would be opened when clicking on it. That way it persists in the feed until you dismiss it yourself there

E.g. monthly spending reports already do this (though they are a bit useless IMO)


Agreed. The notification was really handy, but once clicked I couldn’t find out how much needed to be deposited and what day it comes out on, only when it had in the past, obviously the same but with my cred card DD the amount varies.
The data is obviously to hand, if it was available when clicking on details of scheduled payments be great.

But yes, maybe a central message in the statement feed like with other alerts as to the recent notification! until user cleared using the small grey ‘x’ as exists!