Scheduled Payments not deducting from budget categories


In January I made 3 scheduled payments to a private individual’s bank account. The first payment was made manually. The remaining 2 were both scheduled in advance.

All 3 of these payments have gone through, and I have categorised each one as “Personal Care”. However, my Personal Care budget is not showing the 2 scheduled payments. It only shows the original manual payment.

Details to reproduce:

Make a mixture of scheduled and manual payments to a private UK bank account, set them all as the same category, and see if that category shows up all the transactions in your budget.

OS: iOS 14.3
Device: iPhone 11 Pro
App Version: 3.66.0

Screenshots: See below. 3 payments were made to “SM”, only 1 of which is showing in my Personal Care budget. The payment on the 18th is shown specifically as being categorised as Personal Care.