Scheduled Payment not tracking in Budget


Scheduled Payments not correctly tracking in Budget.

Details to reproduce:

Reoccurring payment by bank transfer not tracking in budget.
iPhone 11
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I have a scheduled payment of £550 for family, this does not track in the remaining budget. Manual payment do track correctly

Is it scheduled for after you next get paid?

It been like it for a long while. Essential I DD money into Monzo every month, then have a number or scheduled payments to pots and one to bank transfer to my partner. For some reason they do not track on the budget.

I have this problem too

As evidenced on another topic earlier, if you have regular payments not being tracked in your budget, find the latest transaction in the feed, select it, scroll down and switch on the “repeating payment” option. This should fix the issue.

There is no such option as the payment is already a standing order.

Is it a scheduled payment that you set up or is it a standing order?
And has it been paid just once so far, or more than once?

One is a standing order the other one is top up to a Tesco food card.

Neither track on budgets - there are 15-20 historical payments.

From ‘Home’, if you tap on the ‘Payments’ (bottom) then ‘Scheduled’ (top), then tap on the Tesco top-up scheduled payment in the list, does it show the correct cyclic date in ‘Details/Repeats’?

Yes, 2nd of the month, number of transactions 12