[iOS] Unable to change category of scheduled payments

I categorised a new payment for a subscription to cloud storage for my home security cameras from ‘entertainment’ to ‘bills’.

I then toggled it as a repeating payment. When I checked the scexhuked payments section of the payments tab, it’s entry had defaulted back to ‘entertainment’ and it won’t allow it to be edited.

Using latest iOS app 2.13.0 on iOS 11.4.1

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I think categorising scheduled payments is buggy too.

  • Some of my scheduled payments have no category, and there is no option to set one
  • Some of my scheduled payments have a category, but clicking it does nothing
  • Changing the category of an instance of scheduled payment works, but this does not change it for all past or future instances of a scheduled payment.

iPhone 8 iOS 12.1 / Monzo 2.25.0 (482) / Joint account

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