'Custom' option for Scheduled Payments on iOS


So at the minute when we’re putting a Scheduled Payment on, for example, an online TV subscription, or a Standing Order, it’ll allow iOS users to do Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, 4 Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

However there should be an option that allows you to do it every X amount of days. A ‘Custom’ option that’ll allow the user to press this option and be prompted with how many days they’d like the payment to trigger.

My Example-

My mobile phone contract is every 30 days, not monthly or 4 weekly, so 28 days or a set date per month is not suitable for me and this can mess up the Scheduled Payments as there’s no way for me to know what day it’s actually due without going out of the app and going into my Calendar (which of course defeats the purpose of Monzo taking over finances for me).

PS: For all the Android users out there, I know it already works for you most of the time :slight_smile: