Scheduled payments, adding to pot is not automatic anymore

I have a pot for bills. When I don’t have enough in there, it tells me and I can click on the plus button and it will automatically add what’s needed from my main account. It no longer does this. It comes up with a transfer screen with no account t chosen to move the money from and the amount is 0

Details to reproduce:
iOS 17
iPhone 13
App Version:


Might wanna edit or remove that first image, Mrs Hayter may not be impressed :face_with_peeking_eye:


Can I suggest you might also want to avoid having your full email address visible to all.

I’ve noticed this too, over the past couple of days

iPhone 15 Pro Max
iOS 17.1.1
Monzo 5.49.0

I’m also a ham :+1:t3:

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Always good to have company.

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