Scheduled Payment - Second Reference / Reason

I’ve noticed a significant issue when setting up payments for anything that requires a reference such as credit cards and loans, you must supply a unique reference number but that means you can’t add one to see what the payment was for.

When looking at your feed, payments are shown by the name of the person/company receiving the with the reference underneath but the name needs to be specific or it will not be recognised so this cant be used to say what it’s for.

I would suggest an optional field with the ability to add an alternative reference or reason for the payment that is shown in the feed to allow you to see exactly what the payment was for.

You can edit it to add one afterwards.


This is what I do.
And in fact it still remembers the reference it needs to have for next time, you just need to edit once in your feed.

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I know you can edit the reference after but you can only do this once the payment has left the account and need to do this each time a payment is made which is not practical if you have several different regular payments going out.

Can you not tell from the payee name what it was for?

Not always, you could have credit cards and different loans maybe even a mortgage with the same company and from time to time they can be random names. I know you can use direct debits but I find standing orders better for over payments

Possible solution? I also use SO if I pay minimum by DD then make overpayments.

Are you saying if you edit the reference of an existing payment (that was scheduled via DD), that reference will be used moving forward for the same DD?

If you have a saved DD with a reference of say “Presents” you can then edit once that comes out on your feed to “T-shirt”.
The following month the reference will say “Presents” again.