[iOS] Tomorrow's payment feed not showing recently scheduled payment

Monzo was originally showing all of tomorrows payments correctly. I then noticed for one of them I had scheduled the incorrect amount to move to a pot for tomorrow. I cancelled and re-added the payment again for tomorrow (as you can’t edit). The re-added monthly payment, scheduled for tomorrow with the correct amount is no longer shown.

Details to reproduce:

  • Have a payment scheduled for a pot in the future (may also be true of standing orders)
  • Wait until the day before when it appears in the ‘Tomorrow’ feed
  • Go and remove the scheduled payment and then re-add it starting tomorrow
  • Payment no longer appears in tomorrow although it is scheduled for then

iOS 12.1.4
iPhone 7
App Version:
2.44.0 #521

Scheduled Payment:

Tomorrows Payments (not showing the above payment):

Just tried this myself and can see I have the same issue.