Say hello to iOS Health team at Monzo 🍎 🩺

The transparency is appreciated, you wouldn’t get this from any other bank I reckon


Thanks for responding. Very much appreciated. Look forward to an update in a few weeks.


Hi, has there been any progress made on the iPhone storage size issue? My Monzo app is now taking up 4.34GB for documents and data.

Recently I’ve had a screen pop up in the Monzo app asking me whether I would like to enable notifications, with a yes/no choice. It happened once again this morning. It’s a specific Monzo screen that appears, not an iOS system message.

Is this a bug? I’ve always had notifications enabled and they are working fine.


Mine popped up yesterday after updating but prior to that, nothing unless I’ve done a fresh install.

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Ah, yes - I updated the app this morning and it was afterwards that it popped up. Might also have been after an update last time, too.

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Yup this has been happening whenever I cold launch the app. Started in 5.49.0

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Hi @DaleBuckley @MikeMurray Any updates on iOS issues? It’s been 6 months now since the last post. Thanks.

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We really appreciate your patience, there’s been lots going on behind the scenes - I’l work on an update for you all as soon as I can. We’ve got our plates pretty full at the moment, so can’t commit to an exact date or time, but will be in the next few weeks.


I just got this too when I opened the app, latest TestFlight

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It would be good to have an update on the app size issue that was looked in to earlier this year. Mine is now at nearly 4GB of data which is a quite a significant chunk on m phone. Thanks.

Mine did update app store version yesterday I think.

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I’m on latest TestFlight (5.51.0) and my data is 43MB!

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Did you guys have bloated storage prior to updating?

I’m very surprised this bug hasn’t been fixed yet. I believe it predates the crashing bug which prompted this thread and the creation of this team. So it’s been present for years now.

Don’t think mines ever had this issue.

Still no update eon the iOS documents and data size issue? I’m now at 4.44GB for documents and data. This is a ridiculous amount taken out of my phone’s storage for a banking app for 18 months worth of data (assuming the phone caches absolutely everything since I opened my Monzo account).

That is a very strange issue

That is what mine is currently as however I am on the testflight version

Near same.

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So mine has grown ~55MB since 23rd November.

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