Say hello to iOS Health team at Monzo 🍎 🩺

Went looking for this flow to see if I can replicate and realised Monzo have taken the chat button off me now :frowning:

Edit: fine for me.

Thanks for reporting this, but this isn’t typically something which belongs to the iOS Health squad (we deal with stability, performance, etc. not bugs on specific screens). I’ve reported it to the internal team but I would report it again here with the device, iOS version and how to reproduce the bug if possible.


Oh sorry mate

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More update notes like this please! It’s genuinely useful and helpful to know what and when something has been fixed as users.

Rather than something generic or a corny quote.


The one after that has a corny quote/fact :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know this isn’t a stability/performance thing, but is there any chance when setting up a scheduled payment you could use .datePickerStyle(.graphical) for the picker instead of the annoying scroller picker? Picking a date from a graphical calendar would be much quicker and easier than fannying about with the scroller – plus I would find it much more useful to know what day of the week each date is.


Unfortunately this isn’t something that falls within our remit. I would encourage you to head over to the product feedback area where they will be able to help a bit more with your request.


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I’m having a problem with the iOS app where I have to log in again each time I come back to the app after leaving it more than a day. Full details are here: App logs me out every day - #12 by monzouser123

If it helps, I checked the dates of my “Log into Monzo” emails, so you can see roughly when the problem started:

  • 10/06/2020 (last one before 2023)
  • 15/1/2023
  • 24/1/2023
  • 12/3/2023
  • 21/3/2023
  • 26/3/2023
  • 5/4/2023
  • 16/4/2023
  • 19/4/2023
  • 22/4/2023
  • 25/4/2023
  • 26/4/2023

Over the last week or two it’s basically been every time I’ve come to use the app for the first time on a day, which should give you an idea of how often I typically open the app.

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Have you logged in on any other device? Have you tried deleting & reinstalling the app?

Some very old dates there - the last one exactly 12 months ago.

What region/time settings do you have set on your device?

Sorry - the 2022s should all have been 2023s. Have fixed now.

No and yes. Full details are in this post: App logs me out every day - #12 by monzouser123.

@monzouser123 I’ve replied directly in your thread, but I’m just going to repost this here for anyone who is interested.


Hey folks! :wave:t2:

Here’s an update on what iOS Health has been up to since our last update.


We’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster with crashes, I’m going to split the update into two parts. The first part will cover 30th March (date of our last update) to 16th April (the day before version 5.20.0 was released on the AppStore). The second part will cover the 17th April until today.

30th March → 16th April

We managed to get fixes in for our 3 of our biggest crashes (one of which was either our top crash, or second top crash, depending on various factors). Two of the fixes were to do with how we handle references we have to “live” objects in Realm (the primary technology we use to store data to disk on your iPhones).

The 3rd fix was to do with navigation, and was one of the first crashes we started digging into shortly after the team was formed. So we’ve been hunting this one down for months. The stack trace didn’t give us much to go on, and after lots of trial and error we were only able to replicate the crash in a demo project. If you push three screens simultaneously onto a navigation stack, where only some of those pushes are animated, it puts the navigation stack into a strange state. If you then tap the back button twice you’d get the crash. So, we knew how to replicate in a demo app, but we had yet to replicate it in our app. We eventually got there, and it turned out to be 4 separate factors which, when combined, led to us replicating the crash in the app:

  • Either a bug in Apples UINavigationController, or potentially API misuse on our part, when pushing multiple screens simultaneously.
  • A specific kind of inbox message (the wee messages you sometimes see at the top of your feed) being in the users inbox.
  • A bug in our code which, in some circumstances :point_down:, caused us to push two transaction details screens when tapping on a transaction push notification.
  • Opening a transaction details push notification after the phone has been restarted (we suspect if we killed the app for a decent chunk of time that might have worked too, we were also suspicious of the new app “prewarming” feature in iOS 15, but didn’t investigate these avenues any further).

These three fixes meant that in version 5.19.0 of the app, our crash numbers “fell off a cliff” and we dropped below our target by a significant amount :chart_with_downwards_trend:

We were delighted, although that turned out to be short lived.

30th March → Today

In version 5.20.0 of the iOS app, we saw a regression in one of our biggest crashes, and also a new (related) crash. Combined, the two undid our last few months of effort:

The crashes appear to be concurrency issues stemming from the way we access Realm on background threads. We upgraded to a newer version of Realm in 5.20.0 which we believe to be the culprit. Downgrading Realm wasn’t an option, so we got to work on a fix. Thanks to some excellent investigative work by some members of the iOS team, as well as our very own Lee Watkins, we’ve got a potential fix which we’re fairly confident in. Testing this week, and planning to ship on the 22nd May (version 5.25.0 if I have my maths right).

New target

While we’ve recently seen a jump taking us back above our initial target, we’re confident that with the fix of the two new crashes introduced in 5.20.0 we’ll be comfortably below our current target of 0.5%. With that in mind, we did some investigating into what we could achieve by the end of July - and our new target is 0.2%. Bear in mind that this is just a milestone, and not our end goal for crash rates.


We’ve been hard at work on building out the self-recovery mechanism we described in the last update, and should have it implemented (hopefully with some downwards trending graphs :chart_with_downwards_trend: to share) by our next update.

The work we’ve done so far has given us an insight into the impact the self-recovery mechanism will have, and its looking like it should address at least 2500 logouts per day.


We’ve been working hard breaking down our app launch times to try and understand where the slowdowns are. We’ve pinpointed a promising part of our startup process which would give us the biggest increase, and are doing some digging to find out how much work would be involved. Should have some more information by the next update.

We made some progress on excessive disk usage by making use of the new compaction features in the new version of Realm we upgraded to, although there’s more work to be done in this area.

The new version of Realm also came with some other unexpected, but very welcome, side effects. We’ve seen an improvement in performance across the board (in hang rates, scroll hitch rates, and battery usage).

We’d like to thank everyone who helped with our initial investigation into excessive disk usage. It wasn’t an easy thing to track whether or not we’d made an impact, so having folk give us feedback on changes with each app release was incredibly useful. Thank you!


Over the last month we’ve made some great progress on crashes, hampered slightly by some new issues which came off the back of us upgrading Realm in 5.20.0. We’re confident that once we fix those new issues we’ll be well on our way to our new target for crash rates.

We’ve made great progress in implementing a self-recovery mechanism which should significantly decrease the amount of users who are logged out of the app.


This is a tremendous update, thank you! Definitely candidate for post of the year so far…


I’m still experiencing a crash every time after closing app. TestFlight latest version.

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Same, Not every time, but I reported it

I report some but every time gets a bit wearing after a while.

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@Paulw @andrew_fishy Thanks for the reports. It really does help us so please keep reporting issues.

Unfortunately we can’t reply to every report, but it helps us prioritise which issues we need to tackle first. As you can see from @MikeMurray’s post we are making progress and crash reports are a direct contributor to helping us track down these issues (we have made even more progress since that previous update). I can understand it might seem a little opaque at times, but we are trying address that and to be a bit more transparent with regular update posts.

We should have another update post in ~3-4 weeks which will detail some of the big fixes we have been working on (and hopefully some results), but it’s taken some time to get them through. We found some last minute issues during internal testing which pushed things back a little and we would rather make sure we address those last minute issues than to release something and potentially make things worse.