Say hello to iOS Health team at Monzo 🍎 🩺

It’s required, you do have an iPhone 14 Pro so you need to make use of that ProRAW somehow haha

Mine is 6GB of Documents and Data, on iPhone 13. I just have one pot with an image, no other attachments I can think of.

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I’m bamboozled as to what could possibly be eating it all then. Even if you lots and lots and lots of transactions, it shouldn’t be much storage.

Honestly, there should be a fix hopefully though. Downloading the app over and over again is annoying

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For comparison, same account but iOS:

Hmmmm, even larger than my Music Library.

It definitely a concern, even though I have enough storage on my 14Pro :thinking:

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Monzo taking up an insane amount of storage compared to my other banks

Monzo on my phone is second to WhatsApp and that’s taking up 16 GB but I’ve been using it since 2009 pre Facebook (Meta) ownership. Still remember having paid 59p for it.

I have 24 pots but each image was around 1MB or less.
Does the app cache location info for each transaction and store it as an image or the company icons per transaction?


I’ve had Monzo since 2018 so there’s quite a lot of transactions in my history, but nowhere near this level of memory being used.

It’s bizarre it comes back for people that delete it too.

My Monzo storage was over 1GB when I was using it every day but has dropped to around 30MB recently.

I’ve had the app since April 2016, open it multiple times a day, and mine is at 2.04GB for documents and data.

Still seems excessive for a banking app but a lot less than some other people above who have had it for a lot less time.


I’ve had the app on the phone since 2016, and at 266 MB, no idea why the differences

I have a joint, business and personal all on my phone and have years of use and it’s a around 560mb total.

It’s strange, for some newer members there is way more space being taken up, whereas for older members sometimes the app just takes up the stock 200mb

Thanks for raising these concerns over storage use, we have started an investigation as to why we are seeing such high numbers for some users. Once we have some more information we will get back to you.

We are in the process of putting together an update of the team’s progress for the community. We should have something to share in the next few weeks.


Random thought? Would the large size be to some users opting in for TestFlight beta version???

There shouldn’t be much/if any difference in app storage usage between live and testflight versions.


I didn’t opt in to TestFlight as well

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I’m not on the Monzo test flight and have the issue.


Another data point if helpful: