Price tracking goals for Pots

I often make pots when I’m saving up for something I want to buy. I also like to try and find the best price available when I’ve saved enough. I use a fair bit for this.

It would be pretty cool if you could set a goal for an item on a pot that would automagically update with the best price currently available from a range of popular sites.

So you could save as normal, and get a notification if the price drops and your goal is 100% or very close.

Similar things could be done for holiday pots with flights, hotels and so on.

This might have been suggested before, I searched but couldn’t find anything.

For example:

  1. Create a pot for a new laptop using the laptop name/model, or an Amazon link
  2. Pot is created with the goal amount being the current best price available. £600, for example.
  3. Manage to save and add £500 to the pot over several months.
  4. The price somewhere drops to £499, Monzo sends a notification that my goal has been met. Provides a link to buy.

That’s actually quite clever - Monzo could then use referral links to make some extra income


Yeah, Amazon have their own referral thing but I imagine other sites would need to be looked into.

Somebody had a whole business plan focussed around this on Crowdcube a month or two ago.

Found it:

Don’t think it made it.