Saving Money - Student

I’m currently a law student in England and looking for advice to save money? Any tips will be helpful✨

First tip is to search the forum. There is more than one thread already on this subject.

This will also likely aid you in your law studies.

Good Luck :+1:


Do you need any textbooks? I can give you my books if you need them. You’d need to collect in person or pay the delivery though but you could save loads of money if you need to buy your own.


Tips for saving money:

  • MoneySavingExpert and Save The Student - sign up to these sites for deals;

  • UniDays and Student Beans will offer some very good student discounts. Use this in conjunction with your NUS Card;

  • Oleo : Free food sharing app. Loads of towns also do food sharing - I live in Cardiff and we have some food sharing initatives and community gardens. Free fruit and veg, what more could you want? :slight_smile:

  • Cashback offers aplenty

  • Visit the supermarket after 6pm for cheap stuff. Especially sandwiches. Refrigerate them for next day’s use.

TooGoodToGo is another useful app.

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