Article: How someone saved £5k on a £22k salary in London

(Leonard) #1

Just been shown this article about how someone saved £5k on a £22k salary in London. Even though i’ve been a long(ish) term user of FinTech I always seem to get surprised/shocked/happy when I hear how it’s helped other people.

Got to say i’m pretty impressed that the author managed to achieve their savings goal! :boom:

(Will flag Danny for cake) #2

WeBuyBooks is a thing? I have 2 boxes of books waiting to go to a charity shop. Think that’s tonight taken care of :sunglasses:

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

£15 a week on food? £2.14 a day? just under £1 per meal?

Not sure if it was worth it to save £5,000, but you certainly would not be able to have a healthy diet for £2 a day.

(Leonard) #4

that’s what I was thinking - all this time i’ve been giving books away for free!

(Jack) #5

Sounds tough! Hats off to the author though.


She had done very well but I am afraid if you have a family no matter how small it would not be possible to even survive with dignity on 22k in London.

(Michael) #7

Finally, an article that isn’t “How I saved £5,000 a year on a £60k+ salary”


Anyone who has the discipline to save and plan for a future gets the thumbs up in my book.


Even worse are the ones that are like “Step 1: Receive £50k inheritance. Step 2: have your rent paid by your parents”, and so on.

(Michael) #10

Haha yeah, gotta cancel that £150+ per month gym membership too!

(Eve) #11

I tried using WeBuyBooks and the app had the cheek to offer 15p for a book I bought for £22. I gave up.

I think spending that amount on food is reasonable (I dislike fast food), and it’s easy to only spend £50-75 on shopping a month. I don’t like drinking or clubbing so imo this is quite doable- the challenge is the pressure of “missing out” on things I guess. Transport and rent are the main killers in London :fearful:

(Harry) #12

Hats off to her, I know I certainly couldn’t live on a tenner a day due to the shear amount of socialising I do which I wouldn’t want to give up. I probably could do it cheaper than at present though.