Save Allocation between Pots

I have more than one pot set up, but I don’t allocate the money I save between the pots as yet, (would have to do this manually).

Is there a way you can say if you save £100 a month and want to allocate this to different Pots all at the same time, I understand that you can just set up Scheduled Payments to each pot, but I’d like to just add this one pot and allocate the payment from there?

Save Allocation? 20% 25% 75% 80% 100% etc of the £100.

Not sure whether this is already a topic on this, but would help me out every month. i.e. saving for next Xmas in an actual pot of its own.

This sounds a lot like salary sorter?

So you want one button to take an amount (which you’d input) and then split it across pre-agreed ratio to a number of pots?

Working example, I have 3 pots. In advance of moving any money I want to split any cash across them with 50% in the first, 30% in the second and 20% in the third.
Then, when I’m ready, I click a button somewhere, enter the ‘to save’ amount and Monzo does the calculation and the move of money?

I like this!! Would be an entirely new piece of functionality, but possibly the Salary Sorter code could be borrowed as a starting point?

Gets my vote as this would work well for me, typically I’ll have a specific amount ‘available’ for moving to pots and then I have to manually top them all up and do the arithmetic too (which usually ends up being a rough guess as I chuck money into a pot).

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Similar yes but not quite the same I don’t think. I’d guess once built I’d be able to trigger it myself and enter the amount to be allocated across my pots.

Chip has this functionality when creating more than one Goal.

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Someone suggested this before, you can read the discussion and vote for it here:

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