Save £2 every time the temperature goes above 20°C with the Summer Savings Challenge

We created a Summer Savings Challenge, where you save £2 every time the temperature goes above 20 degrees celsius. We thought it could work well as a savings challenge, because the 1p Savings Challenge has been so popular amongst our community! Let us know what you think!

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A couple of people commented on this over here when I mentioned this new Challenge the other day:

To summarise, we’re not going to end up saving much :laughing:


Probably be more effective if you saved everyday the temperature stayed below 20 :stuck_out_tongue:


Rainy day fund

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Can we have a 15C version for Scotland please :joy:


Bit optimistic, no? :rofl:

Great! So I’ll save about £6 this year?


This makes me want joint account IFTTT

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You can adjust the temp in the IFTTT settings

This would break my bank!!

You’ll save a lot next week then. Mid 30s in the South.

But also VERY rainy.

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Is it location based?

Might be worth lowering that to 15 degrees Celsius…

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seems to be just London based.

Classic Monzo

It’s not limited to London. Go onto the IFTTT website or app and you can set this up based on any location.



Just set-up a new pot for this, it’s called my ‘Hot Pot’ :joy::sun_with_face:


Is anyone else doing this challenge?

Randomly it added £3 instead of £2 today

Confused :cold_sweat:

Edit: checked IFTTT and it’s set to £3. No idea why that’s changed, I haven’t touched it :thinking:

Edited to be “Save £3 every time the temperature goes above 30°C”?

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