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Sorry, just for clarity, I was only speaking to the category selection screen.

The transaction screen itself is fine. No criticisms from looking at it (though I’ve not used it). I like that it has 2 amounts (assuming it’s the case, would prefer the other to be more appriately labelled as the settled amount). More banks need that. It’s very helpful, and why I appreciate the extra notifications from Chase if a transaction settles differently (though I know others don’t like that).

I’m sure there’s some logic to the order (the first set of options are the main ones I would use which would be better than alphabetical in some ways) but as @Lightning720 said when you use it is really easy and doesn’t feel hard to find anything, it’s a smooth scroll and I like that it includes options that other banks wouldn’t let you change to.


Doesn’t look that way at all (even if the screenshots are out of order the portions of the list in each screenshot aren’t), but you’ve used it and I’ve not, so I’ll take your word for it!

When I saw those screenshots though, my reactions was yikes! :grimacing: It looks really bad.

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Too much choice is overwhelming (Starling :eyes:).

I’ve grown to enjoy monzo and their limited list as I kinda know everything that falls into each.

And then revolut I created a few of my own, Eating Out, Coffee, Finances, just so they align to how I can associate whats in there (coffee, restaurants and eating out, all used to go under Restaurants for example).

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It really doesn’t feel like too much choice or overwhelming to me though. The categories are really easy to see and identify when scrolling through and they are all ordered in a logical way. I’d rather have enough categories to cover essentially everything than have to make do with a smaller number, even if a smaller number looks neater (not saying Santander’s doesn’t look neat).

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I’ve grown to enjoy simple.

Direct debits for house bills, rent, phone bill, Netflix etc

Credit card payment, loan repayment etc

Drinks, bowling, more drinks, drinks drinks :eyes:

Eating out:
Essentially anything I order or buy when out and about food, coffee etc

Just keeps it simple, I’ve worked both ways before now and too much complexity just gets me thinking too much.

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Any idea when the Pilot App will become the main one for iOS like on Android?

“In the coming weeks”.

They’ll be doing what Nationwide did and slowly release the app to more people to reduce issues impacting a lot of people at once.

Also, not everyone on Android has it yet.

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You can still do that though. Just use less.

If you want more granular - more helps with that.

If you want simple - you can still do that.

Having only simple removes it for those who want granular. More options allows everyone to do it their way.

Your banking journeys are epic! I definitely recall you being very enthusiastic about Revolut’s many categories over Monzo’s few :sweat_smile:


I still keep it simple with Revolut but could refine them, and yeah not sure what happened landing back up with monzo, think my employer accepted my bank details change to revolut but some reason still paid monzo so here we are :joy:

It was also frustrating me about not assigning inbound payments to spent payments on revolut, which they kinda have a work around, but more people I know seemingly have monzo which is better for bill splits.

See, I think the Revolut approach finds a better middle ground in solving this dilemma.

More just gets in the way for those who want less, which is an important perspective you’re missing there. I think starting with less, and giving folks more granularity if they want more in the form of custom ones covers both use cases better.

I think it’s easier for the folks who are more involved with categorising and wanting more to add more than it is for those who want a less involved simpler life to have to wade through a huge list. Even if you could remove them. I think the better approach would be to start with less.

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Hmm… pay cheque or paycheck

That one. Definitely that one.

Considering there is a “cheque” option (well two, actually, for some reason), it is clearly paycheck

It’s more classification of English debate. The assertion being paycheck is American and we brits ought to call it a pay cheque (or paycheque depending which British dictionary you consult).

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Just a quick question to those who are with Santander, who actually uses Money Manager regularly? I almost never look at it personally. Would be a lot more helping if this sort of thing was built into the main transaction screen.

Only glanced at it so far. It’s not in the ideal position (though more prominent in the Pilot app) and I don’t think it’s laid out in the best way once there but it’s a good start.

Personally I use YNAB so most banking app managers aren’t used by me but I look at them out of interest for those that do.

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yay ynab!

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I tried YNAB recently and I couldn’t get on with it. I still have the trial for a while longer. It also seems quite expensive for what it does.

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I bought YNAB on steam years ago thinking I would use it… I did not

Is it a subscription now?