Salary Sort percentages

Hello Monzonites!

Since not everybody is paid a salary and some earn by the hour, pay is often irregular every week or month. So it can be difficult to select how much we want to go into our pots if the amount changes with every paycheck. I wonder if there is any scope of adding the option sort your salary through percentages.
It will allow customers to have more control and flexibility with their finances. It’s particularly useful for those who are self employed and wish to put around 20% away into a tax pot and could stop people over saving when their pay is lower than normal.

Anyone got any thoughts?

Already been suggested and discussed at length in the Salary Sort topic :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry! I didn’t find that one. Thanks @Ordog

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This is an excellent idea.
I budget my expenses following the 50/30/20 rule and I work as self employed.
Currently I sort my salary using the API and having this option on the app would be amazing.