Salary sorter calculated as percentage

Could salary sorter be calculated as a percentage rather than gross amounts for those of us with a variable take home pay?

Hi Andy! :wave:

When you get a payment over £100, you’ll be prompted to sort this into Pots - the amount you move into Pots or keep in your account is chosen by you each time, so even if you get paid a variable amount each month, you can change the amounts whenever money comes in :money_with_wings:

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That’s true, but what OP is asking for is the ability to set the sorter to, say, 30%, so that they don’t have to adjust the amount every month.


Ah, that makes sense! :see_no_evil:

That’s definitely a great idea - sounds like it would be another really helpful budgeting tool if you get paid different amounts each month :blush:


Percentage and fully automated would be great :+1:


100% in support of this.

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Would love a percentage as well. With overtime my pay changes a little so it doesn’t recognise all of the time

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I would love this feature so much :two_hearts: