Add a percentage each month to pots.


I’ve got a suggestion as follows:

At the moment you can only set up a scheduled payment into a pot. Weekly monthly yearly etc. This is brilliant for people who are on salary.

I am not one of those I get paid weekly and it can be a different amount each time. Therefore, If I get paid £100 for example one week but my scheduled payment to my pot is £150. Nothing will transfer which makes sense.

However, how about an option where every time I get paid I can say put 50% of what I earn into a specific pot. Or put 10% of what I earn that week or month into a specific pot. Now if I get paid £100 one week I save £10. The next week I might get £200 so I save £20. The week after I might get £50 so I save £5. Etc etc.

Quite a common request