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Thanks David, I have that setup too, but what I’m after is the content here which isn’t in any of those RSS feeds:

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Might not do exactly what you wanted but the forum blog category is also an RSS feed. Just add .rss to the end of the url

Is this updating for you in Feedly?

Mine hasn’t updated to reflect any new blog content since 25 June. I don’t think the issue is with Feedly as I’ve just tried another feed reader (Inforeader) and it has the same issue with the Monzo blog.


I’ve got the same issue.

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I believe since the new blog interface the RSS feeds have stopped working. :frowning:

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Hmmm… needs investigation. I’ve got three Monzo RSS feeds going into my Feedly. 1 is up to date, the other 2 seem very dated. I’ll dig.

@bea Could someone look into this please? Is it intentional that a couple of the RSS feeds seem to have stopped updating?

Yeah I lost the feed too, was wondering what happened. Be great to have it back for sure!

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Hi guys, any plan about provide a feed for the tech blog (

Still not working.

Explains why I was completely unaware of several announcements over the past month!


@simonb, do you know why the RSS feed for the blog no longer works (or know someone who does)? It would be very useful to get it back!


Still nothing sadly, any ideas on replacements to avoid missing post but not having to manually check all the time?

Discourse seems to support RSS feeds, so you could add a feed for the News & Updates category, as they always seem to post new blog posts there. I just tried this and it added the following feed to my newsreader:


What url are you using?

Both work for me

Oh that worked great, thanks so much!

I was using the ‘Monzo – It’s time for a new kind of bank’ feed from feedly, but as above, that stopped working last summer.

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It would be great if Monzo could fix the RSS feed for the blog


+1 Vote on this request!

You are attracting a lot of techies and techies are more likely to be die-hard RSS holdouts :slight_smile:


I noticed that I’m still subscribed to which hasen’t been updated in years. Any chance this can be fixed or removed? Who knows how many people are still subscribed to this feed and not getting updates.

Have you tried any of the alternatives mentioned earlier in the discussion? In particular, the below one looks to cover everything the old one did:

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Yes I’ve tried the alternatives linked to the community but they only list articles which have a comments section. Plus we still have the issue that the old feed should be fixed or removed.