Directly subscribing to blog posts?

Hi all

The closest I could find to my question was in this question:

However bumping that old pinned post did not seem to be right path to take

I currently use IFTTT to get the blog posts sent to me, and that does seem to work fine, but it struck me as a bit curious that I could not directly subscribe

Given some of the hoo-hah around people being notified about crowdfunding I wonder if fewer people are seeing all the blog posts I am than might otherwise

Am I missing an existing link somewhere?


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Use a feed reader such as Feedly

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As far as I can tell, there is a monthly mailer/newsletter that I’ve heard about; but never been able subscribe to.

I’ve just hit the switch for “marketing”, now it’s been added to the settings in the app, though so perhaps that will mean I’ll get it from now on.

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Thanks, I think

I was looking for a direct approach with Monzo by email, rather than having to rely upon a third party solution

The one for Making Monzo?

There is a direct link for that as it is separate from the blogs:

sourced from:

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Ah ok. To my mind directly subscribing to a blog means using an rss feed reader.

But for email notification of every post I suspect your current solution (IFTTT) or another 3rd party rss to email service are the only current options.

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