Round ups on linked bank account spending

This is a feature I really liked from tandem, where it would round up my spending accross all my accounts and then bank it. With Monzo Plus and Premium giving you the ability to link accounts it would be great if we could have something similar.

Example, I spend 19.50 on my MBNA credit card and when the transaction comes through on the link on Monzo 0.50p is transfered into my rounding pot!

How does this work with Tandem? Does it debit another 50p from the credit card to keep it rounded?

You would set up a reoccurring debit from a debit card of your choice where Tandem would claim the amount every week.

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So it’s not really rounding up, just paying yourself from a different source a sort of related amount of money?

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If you’re on Android this is possible to do via IFTTT. I for example have all my Amex spending rounded up and added to my savings pot. iOS isn’t possible I’m afraid.