Round up more

Need the functionality to be able to save more money per transaction than just the rounded up amount. Even though I use the card every day I have only saved a small amount of money in two months. There needs to be a function where you can increase the roundup as you wish, for example round up +£1 per transaction or more.

This way the saving pot would increase dramatically and you would see the upside in using such a card.

Could you not use IFTTT to put extra money away per card transaction? Or just have a task at the end of the day where you put more aside.

:wave: hi if you’re familiar with IFTTT you can do that atm.

This has been suggested before. I believe Starling have roundup multipliers or something.

I’m on my phone so have a search and I’m sure you’ll find the topic. Make sure you vote for it there :+1:

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:


Have you got this phrase as some sort of shortcut macro or do you type it out every time?


The whole phrase pretty much pops up on my predictive text now…


This would be brilliant