Round-up and exported data

When I’ve set the app to round up payments & throw the pennies into a pot, the Home feed now shows the combined cost of both the item and the round-up.

This is great because I hate how the world still talks in overly-complicated prices like £7.99 and £9.95. My mental model here is to round those up so I can better gauge the true cost of several items. It makes mental arithmetic more simple. In real life I actually say “Eight pounds” and “ten pounds” for prices like that. It’s extra brain power that I would like to remove from my life & this feature is one part of solving that problem.

However, when I come to do a tax return, I need to know the accurate cost of every transaction. I used the Monzo labs data export feature for the last tax return I did. Even though it’s not a finished feature, it was a great help to me. I think that round-ups should be separated from the accurate cost of items in the exported data, otherwise there’s no way to calculate annual expenses with those figures.


just to add to this , with self assesment Tax returns due to be calculated and submitted, my income includes Investec interest earned over the tax year - April 6 - April 5 - same dates every tax year . As far as Im aware there is no way to find out what this yearly amount is for the tax return in app, without doing mental arithmetic , all my other banks, building societies etc send out tax declarations for your accounts records.

Should Monzo / Investec be making the information available in app to be able to complete a self assessment return ?


You can vote for the ability to have interest statements for Savings Pots here: