Roadmap reactions

(james_e_bell) #1

Hi! Apologies if I am in the wrong thread for this (couldn’t find one)

Here are some initial roadmap reactions from me!

  1. Great that this is being shared! Excellent to see the transparency!
  2. Any consideration for joint accounts? Getting a good joint account (particularly with joint savings pots) is a problem I have right now (have to keep manual transfers with my girlfriend to get things balanced)
  3. Bill splitting above savings pots?? Personally not sure about this - there are a lot of bill splitting solutions out there and none of them really seem to be fundamentally solving problems (though are we talking regular bills like utilities or bill in a restaurant etc)? Personally I would vote for savings pots above bill splitting as its a much more important for me!


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

As a happy user for nearly 4 months now - my reactions to your roadmap

  1. As James says - Great to see the openness of Mondo sharing their goals compared to other challengers.

  2. A lot of users seem to want to have export facilities for expenses - the ease of which will obviously encourage others in a firm to sign up for Mondo and increase awareness of the benefits of the card.

  3. People on the waiting list need to be taken care of not just left hanging on the list for weeks on end - once a captured user - very likely will always be a user - get them using the card as soon as possible as that shows what Mondo can do better than any blog or periscope broadcast etc etc- a queue is just a source of frustration - a long queue is a source of despair :wink:

  4. Invites from current users - if we talk up the app to friends and get them interested by showing them, to then enter a 70,000 waiting list isn’t a great advert - to have the ability to get two or three friends a month a card quickly would be great.

  5. All the rest I think will be great but I can wait for without affecting me too much , except for the licence which isn’t really in your control.

  6. Hopefully the negative comments on the app review on iTunes have been read and fixed mostly concerning people not realising its a £100 initial top up and the sign up process not being simple for some people

  7. Oh and for all those people with funny phones - and I know all the difficulties in building another app - it would be good to get this sorted, to get the other half (?) of phone users able to become Mondonauts

(James Nicholson) #3

Great points. On your second, you’ll be happy to hear data export is in our next release (see my Daily Diary post today). Cheers!

(Andrew Ross) #4

Love the open roadmap as well. I assume with the full banking licence will come the ability to ‘switch’ banks to you with the full guarantee that it has. If not is this something that an be added to the roadmap. Having used this recently it has made changing bank account painless and completely stress free! Very different to the last time I changed my account 10years ago!