Buddies/Housemates debts settling up


i didnt find any other thread in this.
My idea is to provide a tool to set up groups of shared spending (housemates, trips with friends, family) where often people end up lending money each other (lets say i pay the bill at the restaurant for you, and you’ll buy toilet paper for everybody…).
The idea is already implemented in the Android/IOS app Settle-up.
The trick is to implement a similiar framework inside Monzo, so I am able to settle up debts (wire money) to my buddies using Monzo.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This sounds a lot like the idea that was earlier discussed today (in a random thread) -

If saving pots were available, you could set one up for each user / bill to make payments from & keep track of who owes what that way.

Saving pots for individual users have been discussed here -

& here -

they’re on the roadmap.

This is also the sort of feature that a 3rd party developer could develop. Splittable could connect to Monzo’s API & feed in transaction data to avoid manual data entry.


This is the app I’m using now. Would be nice to be able to settle up via Monzo


I don’t like the idea of pots, we have few control over it. I like to commit my contributions. Maybe I can have an alert when I reach to owe an amount (example 50quid) and dispose a payment


Unluckily, Monzo is just for UK users, while Settle-up App is amazingly multi-currency! I dont know if they want to integrate Monzo’s API

(Ben Green) #6

Monzo are still testing EU and American cards AFAIK.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Ben beat me to it -

Maybe not right now (the API isn’t ready yet anyway) but once Monzo has enough users to make it worthwhile (70k & counting) why not? :slight_smile:

This is (probably) all quite a long way off unfortunately, to be fair.


As a developer, I would say is way easier and faster to build up a similar framework within Monzo

(Alex Sherwood) #9

Maybe & maybe Monzo will build this feature but it has to fit into their product roadmap.

One way or the other, I expect you’ll eventually get the feature :slight_smile: since you’re a developer, maybe you’ll end up building it!

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #10

This is probably something you could use the upcoming bill splitting feature for, if not suggest enhancing it when released. I’d have thought that the more regular use case here is flat mates sharing the bills payment, etc when it comes in rather than lending each other money though.