Ring doorbell?

Yeah In case anyone gains access to the camera . I do have mild schizophrenia hence my paranoia

Some people say ring is a privacy concern but don’t know exactly what they mean ?

@Rjevski can probably expand

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I would have a look at the Eufy Doorbell :bell: they do it battery or wired same principal as ring but better quality footage and don’t have to pay for subscription to view you save your recordings to the cloud. It also compatible with Google and Alexa. There generally a deal there website or Amazon though :+1:t3::money_with_wings:

It’s a privacy concern in the way Amazon use the data collected by these devices. Much in the same way using google as your search engine over something such as DuckDuckGo has privacy concerns. Not because of potential nefarious individuals accessing your camera to spy on you! That would be a security issue.

If it’s an individual hacker or naughty ring employee that you’re worried about, as unlikely as those threats are, you should consider looking at products that don’t rely on a a third party server that work only within your local home network, saving recordings to MicroSD or NAS.

HomeKit Secure Video is also an option, but there are not many products on the market that use that, and they tend to be expensive. You will also need to have an iPad or Apple TV or HomePod at your home 24/7 and pay for more iCloud storage.

You don’t really need to worry about any bad actors accessing your ring devices though. That’s not what we mean when we reference privacy concerns.