Right to hold a bank account / Nigel Farage

Off the back of this story,

I can’t imagine functioning without a bank account in this day and age. With cash dying, access to a bank account is essential.

It’s not just Farage. We see lots of people in this forum complaining that their accounts have been shut after allegations of misuse. Is it ever right to ban someone from banking? What should happen in this situation?

Yes. You don’t have the right to a bank account if you’re going to abuse that right.

But that should be “You’re defrauding” not “You’re a brexit bellend”

I’d take anything he says with a punch of salt. The same as the people who join the forum to lie about what they haven’t done.


Yes if they have fallen into some form of fraud or money laundering. A hard lesson learnt.

You’re not wholly excluded, hence basic bank accounts exist.

Moral of the story is don’t be an idiot.

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Farage was a Merchant Banker. I find it hard to believe he doesn’t know the laws around banking.

Mutiple banks have refused him accounts. That says more about him than the banks, IMO.


He still is :wink:


Looks like auto correct replaced W with B again. :thinking:


If their accounts breach the terms & conditions, then it should be closed. No-one is ever going to come on here and say “Monzo closed my account because I was laundering money for a drug ring”.

What Farage and others are doing is dangerous. They’re implying that the only reason their accounts are being closed is because of their views. That can’t be right. They need to tell the full reason.

That wasn’t a typo, was it now?


It was not.


To be fair, significantly fewer than there used to be.


Maybe it’s just bad reporting, but I got the sense that Farage hadn’t succeeded in opening an account at all. Are there any circumstances in which you can’t open a basic bank account?

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I’m not sure on the full in and out of it to be fair, but there will be options.

Nationwide and other building societies, and then your e-money options.

It’s their own fault, while he’s not totally stupid, he must’ve known something may happen the way of handling their accounts.

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Oh look, Farage lying again, who da think it



I remember a girl at my place kicking off cuz she didn’t meet threshold of the premier account any more so we sent them a normal standard debit card and basically claimed the bank now made her look a peasant.



Simon Jack has now posted the BBC article. Pretty much the same content as the tweet thread

AS IF he had no idea Coutts had a minimum threshold.

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He did know. He was just winging it (and I guess the bank were indulging him in the hope that he would fit the criteria required eventually).

Speaking to the BBC from France, Mr Farage did not dispute the fact that he did not meet Coutts’ threshold, but added: “They didn’t have a problem with it for the last 10 years.”

How embarrassing for him :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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*Real version of events has entered the chat :joy:


Why do the press continue to push this? There’s no story here but they’ve made it headline news today.