Revolut Pride Edition Card



It’s available now

I’ve got one :grin:

I got one. Messy launch, everyone seems happy now so yeh its alright I guess


Update your app and then it will appear I’ve got mine on the way it came up at 8:30AM GMT for me anyway if that’s any help.

Just ordered mine! I love how it looks in Apple Pay as well, I hope it’s as nice in person :blush:



I had to follow these steps for it to show in app - just ordered

I managed to get one. :3 Registered a new account to get one specifically, as… yeah, I quite like rainbows. For… entirely obvios reasons. :monzopride:
I wish Monzo had a rainbow card though. Replacing red with Hot Coral, of course…


Bagged mine earlier. Can’t see the option to add it to Google Pay, though.

Got mine. I may go to Pride now :laughing:

It is a nice touch, nice to see all who wanted managed to bag one! Enjoy all

I manually added mine, using the long 16-digit number, Expiry date and CSV displayed in the app. :slight_smile:

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I got mine, quite looking forward to seeing it in real life.

I recently realised I signed up to Monzo as a way to keep my ‘spending money’ separate to all my important money, and now it’s all mixed up. Until there’s a way to set up direct debits or whatever to come out of pots, I might drop some spending money on Revolut to give it a try.

Got mine too!!

Got mine too did it early in the morning :slight_smile: look forward to seeing it in person when it arrives.

They still have them available if anyone wants one (try logging out and in again if its not showing)

Cheers. I didn’t know about this. Just got mine too.

I’m still trying. Where would it show up please?

You go to the card tab and add a new physical card, under color you should see the rainbow card.

Thank you.

I had app version 5.52 installed. You need version 5.54, for some reason there wasn’t an update shown and my version was the latest installed!

However I deleted and reinstalled the app and the option was there. Just in case anyone else is wondering.

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