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Might just be broken for me then :man_facepalming:t3: Tried joint account too

It’s possible there’s a outage at the moment,

Maybe check your are initialising the transfer from your GBP account and you have enough in the balance.

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cant see any mass twitter reaction to any kind of outage

were you trying to transfer today?

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My app layout looks different, are you using the latest version?

Also maybe try a reinstall.

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I believe there was an update today :thinking:

And yeah I was trying to transfer the money a couple of hours ago

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Not sure then, ask them to escalate it, I just did a transfer a few min ago,

Can you test a new payees from a different bank?
Also maybe you hit your fair use limit or something.

I tried nationwide aswell that didn’t work either… I’ve literally opened the account yesterday so can’t be the limits… must be my account

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Probably that’s the issue, have you uploaded ID?

Or get them to escalate

Must be a problem with your account, I’ve just completed a transfer to my Monzo account and all went through!

Try using your card for activation first - in an ATM. Solved an issue for me with Revolut as I’d never used the card and I think it’s a security thing.

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They do support UK direct debits

They do not support UK direct debits.

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When they changed my UK account details they said it was necessary to support UK direct debits. Is it still not working?

It’s not that it’s ‘not working’ they’ve just not launched it yet. I think it’s all in the works.

I don’t think they’re using their banking license yet - once they do my guess is that’ll be when it’s all supported.

The sort codes issued now are capable of DD’s though, you can even use them to set up DD and they’ll be validated by the merchant but ultimately it won’t actually work.


No thanks. Think I’ll stick to Freetrade.


Yes it will. With a no deal Brexit European firms have a 3 year grace period before any future legislation is introduced. Its the other way around which could be an issue (i.e. a UK licence in Europe).

[…] The government and regulators have also taken steps to enable financial services providers based in the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland to continue providing services in the UK for a minimum of three years after Brexit, with some small changes to reflect the UK’s new position outside the EU. […]

Pretty impressive lunch. I will be waiting for the rollout to the standard users.

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I had a bad experience with Revolut - My post got moderated away and deleted on the Revolut forums after I criticised the changes to the pricing plans for their business products, whereby they significantly worsened one of their products for my use case.

It made me distrust them a lot. There must be countless people complaining about Revolut which are edited away and never seen on their message boards.

This wouldn’t have happened on the Monzo forums and although it is a painful policy to be transparent at times, it really does give users a sense of trust in Monzo.

What I posted is below:



How does it work? If you receive 20K in foreign currency, can you wait until next month to convert it in to GBP?