Coinbase rolls out full GBP and Faster Payments support

This is great news, theirs is for sure the best platform for cryptocurrency trading in my opinion.


Glad they are introducing this, I’ve been looking for an easy way to pull my money out :joy:

I agree though it’s a nice app!

Maybe they will pull some customers back from Revolut in this field?


I have some coins there but should really cash out before it dies like every other one.

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Been waiting for this!

They wouldn’t accept Nationwide SEPA so I’ve just been sitting patiently for this.

Can now cash out the £50k I made last year.

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I mean £5 because I got greedy.


Now everyone can close their Revolut accounts :joy:


This is now live. :raised_hands: I have now added Monzo as a bank account to Coinbase via a faster payment for verification.


I still don’t have the option to add GBP accounts yet so they must be still releasing it in batches.

Still waiting here too

I got access to GBP accounts yesterday and I even transferred out some funds and it was the same day, even though it said it would take 3 days.

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This will be super convenient to sell bitcoin for fiat :stuck_out_tongue: am I right in assuming the only GBP market is bitcoin? I don’t see the option to Huy and sell litecoin and ethereum with gbp.

You can sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Etherium Classic or Litecoin into GBP or Euros. You just need to select the GBP Wallet while selling then withdraw to a UK Sterling bank account.