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Sure, but the amount of queries doesn’t come at a steady pace. So prediction/forecasting is another job that we have to do.

Some of this stuff would make good questions for this week’s Q&A! Sam sees a lot of data :grin:


Revolut appear to have switched from MasterCard to Visa. Got my new card through today.

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That’s interesting, why would they switch?

Do they give you an option when you add another physical card?

I have very little insight on this, but the fintech scene is dominated by Mastercard. I would guess that VISA are aggressively doubling down to try and win back some business.


No, it appears all new Virtual and Physical cards are visa now.

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Which is good, I’ve been looking for a Visa-based fintech card just to have a backup in case MasterCard is down, although Revolut isn’t really the best…


Fineco is also Visa

Always worked fine for me when I’ve used it - no real life reliability issues

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I have no doubts their tech is solid, it’s more about customer service in case something goes wrong.

Kind of funny considering Visa CFO’s views on crypto

To be fair you’re right it’s about 3 days for a response from them. But when you compare this to legacy banks and contacting them via email or secure message it’s not really any different.

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secure message

Authenticated by date of birth and “memorable word”…

Soooo secure. :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t think Revolut Visa cards are new. I have had their Visa card since November last year they were giving those for free to test back then.

There use to be an option to choose between Visa and MasterCard when adding a new virtual card but that has disappeared. Seems to be all Visa now.

I think I read somewhere that Visa cards are issued directly by Revolut unlike MasterCard which were issued via a partner


Visa cards are issued directly by Revolut unlike MasterCard which were issued via a partner

Revolut ran away from GPS too it looks like.

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To be fair, GPS haven’t had any issues for a while now, judging by the Starling Community’s discussions (no mention of any outages since January whatsoever).


Haven’t Starling been doctoring their outages if I remember right?

I remember Starling having GPS issues since January but they never reported it as an issue.


Seems like GPS went fine when the Monzo prepaid went off (and now Revolut ditched them too), so it seems they just couldn’t handle any serious load.

I expect the outages to return when Starling reaches the level of popularity of the Monzo prepaid (which is possible thanks to the free foreign ATMs and the recent shoutout from the MSE guy).

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Yeah they close and hide any threads then delete any trace once fixed.

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To be fair, I’ve never seen any threads or posts (that were not off-topic) being deleted from their forum.
You can find bugs and CS related threads there, and their long outage threads from October and January are still there.
I think we can all agree that not disclosing issues on their status page is a bad practice.


when your revolut card expires do you have to pay for a new one…