Unreversing a "Reversed" payment


I made a purchase on Steam with Monzo. It said there was an error and it was declined, but Steam still took the money.

As a result I made use of the reverse feature as I believed an error had occurred.

However, now I noticed that the payment did in fact complete and the product delivered.

Is there a way for me to then “unreverse” the reverse payment I initiated, because now the numbers on my account are inaccurate by about £40.

Any advice?


I don’t think it’s possible to do this manually (though if you open a new chat with COps they may be able to help). Otherwise, when Steam come to collect the money in a few days the £40 should then leave your account.

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From when I did a reversal on Google Domains a few days ago, it did state that the merchant can still collect the money if necessary, so I believe they’ll just take the payment as normal.
Screenshot with the wording below;


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