Restrictive Payday Settings

(Francesca) #1

I’d love to be able to use the spending targets feature but my payday will always be irregular as I am mostly self employed. It’d be great to change the target end date it so that it doesn’t have to be monthly.
So many people are paid weekly or irregularly it would be a great function to have, it’s the reason I got a monzo card in the first place, as soon as it happens I’ll switch over my current account!

(Jack) #2

Hi @fjdimarco1 :wave:t3:

Good news! They are looking at adding more flexibility to the pay dates etc within Summary. I don’t beilive there’s an eta on this yet though.

Hope you’re enjoying Monzo otherwise! :slight_smile:


Yes… I need option to add additional income as well…
And option to set up dates manually

(Mark Dunne) #4

I have the same issue as I’m paid four weekly :frowning:

(Barry Mitchell) #5

Yep yep yep. Paid 4-weekly :wave:

(Sam Wiltshire) #6

+1 for this.

I am paid on the last Friday of the month and my housemate is paid on the last day of the month. As people above have said, some people get paid irregularly I know that these two frequencies are quite common. I’m also sure adding these in wouldn’t be a very big addition to a near-future sprint.

Because of this restriction, and with the limitations and inaccuracies of the categories feature, the summary tab is not very useful.