Respecting this community

Hi everyone :wave:t4:

I have noticed that when new topics have been created or someone comments on another’s feed there can be sarcasm and shade thrown at the person because either another tag has been created (but can not find it due to key words) or they don’t necessarily agree with what has been written.

It’s lead me to actually block people so I don’t see their entries due to their negativity and responses which are just not useful at all on this platform. A debate can be useful, however not when someone is genuinely giving their user experience or wanting help/advice - we’re not all perfect and platforms are great for helping each other, so let’s think about replies and redirecting people to tags and being more supportive of others.

Thank you :pray:t4:


What shade and sarcasm?

This is the softest forum I’ve ever seen. Nobody says anything bad to anyone, if there’s even a hint of it then people call it out and/or things are flagged.

If you’re pointing this at me because I said you’re “not a fan of research” because you didn’t look at what electric cars would cost you to charge before you committed to an expensive lease, then I think you’re massively over reacting. I’m sorry if that offended you, but if that offends you, you probably need to avoid the internet. Especially with how you post!

You probably won’t see this now anyway because you’ve blocked me :smiley:


I’ve got that many insufferable people on ignore that most threads are borderline unreadable.

Edit: Alan no


I’ve been here a good while and, while that might make me part of the problem (and solution) I can’t say I’ve seen much of that.

Disagreement, sure. And occasionally some level of comeback. But compared to the rest of the internet this is mild.

This isn’t to say harmful behavior, trolling or downright bullying should ever be accepted, anywhere. Just that I don’t personally see that happen here.


Anyone who’s not a Christmas orb is blacklisted for me. Oh wait.


I visit the forum quite often and I respect this community.

Not a hint of sarcasm, shade, irony there. Idiotic posts from time to time, but generally a great crowd. It’s more informative and entertaining than insulting or dissin others.

It’s a yes from me.


I love the old shit flinging moments, they keep me local.


I love these types of posts, they come up so regularly it makes me feel nostalgic.

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy … like a furry square.


I’ve nobody muted or blocked! I feel like I’m missing out.


You’re not. The feature is useless on Discourse.

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Might rename myself to “The feature”, then I can complain you’re being mean in a new thread. Could then change your tagline :stuck_out_tongue:


Me neither - I’ve never felt the need. I’ve flagged a post - once - but only because it was complete disinformation and potentially harmful. I think the perp has left the forum, anyway. It was Covid/vaccine related.

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Similar I’ve never used the flag or block or owt like that.

Most of the time it’s fine to just scroll on past whatever nonsense is posted.

I think the main time I see people being aggy - is when such easily and obviously searchable topics come up. Or when new users treat this forum as official Monzo support and won’t seemingly take “We’re just customers too” for an answer.

Maybe I’m in the wrong threads.


Also for some reason in my head all the Christmas Orbs are just @Revels

I see an Orb - I think it’s @Revels. forum is mostly one person talking to all their alts.


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