Add Request Payment option to a Transaction

In the case where I have paid for something for someone else, it would be helpful to have a ‘Request Payment’ link on the Transaction itself. It would mean just quickly selecting the person you want to request money from, and of course the amount is already determined by the transaction.

I am aware there is a ‘Split Bill’ option but as far as I can see this really does have to be a ‘split’ and I can’t set it to be 100% paid by someone else.

(Also as a side note but related to requesting payment, I didn’t feel this deserved its own thread but when I select ‘Share account details’ via Whatsapp, the sort code and account number come out on same line and become falsely recognised as a phone number. Makes it more difficult to copy and paste these individually if someone wanted to do that. Feel like this would be a quick easy fix…)

I have found both WhatsApp and SnapChat have a habit of doing this with numbers. Very annoying.

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While not as automated as your suggestion, is designed for such use. To use

  • Tap on Payments
  • Tap on ‘Requeat’
  • Tap on ‘Share a link’
  • Enter the amount you are requesting, and a note to the person if required
  • Copy/Share the generated link and email/text/whatsapp it to the person

They’ll then be able to authorise payment to you for the requested amount from their chosen account, via a secure web portal.

It’s very simple.


Great idea, there’s a discussion in Making Monzo aboout payments might be worth sharing the idea there too.

On Android you can allocate the entire amount to someone during a Bill Split.

Are you an iOS user?

Just tested on iOS and you can assign 100% to the other person.

I can get it close but then it greys out and I can’t take it further. I wonder if it depends on the amount somehow. Were you splitting a perfectly rounded amount?

Tap on the number and type in the full amount :+1:t3:

Got it - thanks!