Requesting money suggests paying from wrong account


Clicking the push notification request for payment push notification will open the payment from whichever account you have active in Monzo. Even if that’s not the account it was requested from.

Clicking the item in the monzo transactions list works fine.

Details to reproduce:
Open monzo to a joint account / second monzo account.

Have someone request money from the first account

Click the push notification

See the payment screen show the payment coming from the second account instead of the first.

OS: android
Device: multiple
App Version: 4.2.0


I thought requesting money was from a person, not an account? By which I mean they can then pay from whichever account they choose.

Someone can’t request money from an account, they are just requesting money from you. It’s up to you how you pay them.

I agree with both of these points, but on two occasions I have had people ask me to re-request money from their other account because they’ve clicked the push notification, and been auto-taken to the payment screen.

Maybe the bug is “on the payment screen there’s not an obvious way to switch payment account when directed there from the push notification”

More of an enhancement request than a bug I think, but a fair one.