Requesting information from Credit Reference Agencies

I’d like to check what information is on my credit reports, and I came across this on MSE. It seems to suggest that with GDPR everyone is entitled to access this for free, which sounds like good news.

However it doesn’t actually say how to access this information in the linked article, unless you want to use MSE’s own tool, which I’m not really interested in. Do you have to send an email, or is there an online portal or something?

Anyone have any experiences trying to access this information from CRA’s?

MSE’s own tool is very good - strongly recommended (it shows you data from Experian).

If you want to see your score, you visit each agencies website directly and follow their instructions to get a report. Be very careful not to inadvertently sign up for a subscription service.

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Within the above article you will see links to MSE Credit Club, Noddle, and Clearscore. These services provide free access to reports from the 3 main credit reference agencies.

You can also obtain a statutory report direct from the credit reference agencies if you don’t want to sign up for the services above. Links are provided in the article above.


I just check my Noddle(TransUnion) report every month as it’s the most comprehensive for me. The others are next to useless for me

Agree used clear score for ages but it never showed Monzo (found out why from another thread) Noodle allow you to dispute things online like addresses etc granted not use clear score since Monzo became a bank but Noodle offer so much more instead of just overnight you new credit etc :wink:

It’s important to check all of the big players as different companies check against different CRAs. Just because one credit report is correct and shows you have a good credit history, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something untoward on another report that needs correcting.

As @o99 said above, there are ways to check them all for free online.

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Yes I do check them all but not as frequently as they aren’t anywhere near as comprehensive :slightly_smiling_face:

Request a statutory credit report from all the CRAs. They have to provide this by law regardless of GDPR.

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Thanks for all the suggestions! I managed to request the Experian report and will do the others later :sunglasses:

The concept of one being more comprehensive isn’t accurate as companies only search / report to the agencies they do business with so you could have an account open in your name fraudulently etc. and not realise until it’s too late


This and they are now free (used to be £2).

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OK internet - Any help on the below?

My report through MSE Experian report shows the correct address.

But my Experian actual report (that I’ve just checked for the first time), shows my old address, and has seemingly docked me 55 points this month due to “not being registered on the electoral roll” - Even though I am…


Raise a dispute with them. I had the same issue when I moved house a couple of years ago.