Request for user interviews! UK Startup helping people to stop overpaying on their debt

Hi There!

I’m a second time fintech founder and investor and I’m launching a a free platform to help make your debt cheaper. I’m looking to interview 20 community members who have multiple forms of debt i.e credit cards, personal loans, mortgages etc. :pray:

If you have multiple forms of debt and are interested in sharing your experience with debt to help us shape the best possible product for you then please fill out the form here -

Look forward to chatting!


Hi Emma, welcome to the community!

Perhaps you could introduce yourself and fill us in a bit more about your project so we can make an informed choice about whether to participate?


Love to know what magic way you’ve invented to make getting out of debt easier that isn’t ‘earn more’ or ‘spend less’.

Hmmm make debt cheaper… Only way that’s happening is if you refinance your credit and that’s very much dependant on what your credit history is like.

How are you any different from the already FREE platforms available :thinking:

Finance charity’s
Government backed finance website

All those offer free impartial advice, where’s your funding coming from for this?